The Players

GirlExposed:  Storyteller


Beloved:  Live-in polyamorous lover of GirlExposed


Baby:  14-year-old daughter of GirlExposed, resides with Beloved & GirlExposed


BabyDaddie:  Ex-husband & father of Baby.


U:  Girl crush of GirlExposed


M:  Girl crush of Beloved


C:  Close male friend of GirlExposed


F:  Former girlfriend of Beloved.


K:  Sometimes sex partner of Beloved & GirlExposed. 


Mr. N:  Baby's 8th grade Assistant Principal 


T:  Former polyamorous boyfriend.

L:  Former whore associate

Q:  Former boyfriend & current lust interest of GirlExposed. 

O:  potential out of state lover of Beloved 

P:  Current co-worker & potential romantic partner to Girl Exposed