Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winterfire (2/18-2/21/2011)

Beloved is registering us for Dark Odyssey (  I am very excited.  We have gone to every one for the past two years & they always are wonderfully fun.  This time I am hoping the rest of the tribe will join us, including my other boyfriend, "P", & our girlfriend, "K".

Imagine a vacation where you can explore the many facets of sexuality in a private, intimate community of like-minded people. A wholly unique experience which brings together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, supportive, non-judgmental, diverse environment where fantasy becomes reality.

young man passionately embracing a woman
By day, learn sexual tips and techniques to create, maintain, or revive the erotic spark in your relationship. Explore a multitude of partnering possibilities, from swinging and open relationships to threesomes and polyamory. Brush up on the basics or get hands-on experience at new BDSM skills like bondage, flogging, sensory deprivation and Dominant/submissive dynamics. Delve into a world of spiritual journeys and teachings on Earth-based spirituality, Tantra, and paganism. Find all this and more in a series of dynamic workshops from top-notch sex educators, relationship experts, BDSM masters, and spiritual teachers.

At night, a very different fun begins. Join in a wonderland of freedom as people explore the things they were taught that day. In the playspace, seasoned BDSMers and novices tease and torment their partners on beautifully crafted equipment. Spin the Wheel of Destiny and try something new at our mixers. Dance, mingle and make new friends in the Saturnalia Ballroom.

Dark Odyssey is a weekend convention for open-minded adults from all walks of life. This year's Winter Fire is taking place at a first class hotel in downtown Washington, DC. We will be moments from Union Station, the Mall, the Smithsonian, and Capital Hill. The hotel is scene friendly and knows exactly what we are doing. We will actually be taking over the entire hotel for a weekend everyone is sure to remember.

Join us on an adventure where we play, discover, and learn to achieve more ecstatic states of love, awareness, and personal sexuality. Dark Odyssey will immerse you in an atmosphere of sexual energy and experimentation that will add excitement and passion to your relationships and create deeper levels of connection between you and your partners.

"Not while you are alive!"

My mother has decided to start dating, for the first time, since my daddie died in January.  She called me a week ago & wanted to know if I wanted to "remain a daughter or become a friend".  Never hearing that question before, I pressed her for more information.  She said she had joined e-harmony & was interested in having Beloved & me, go on a double date with her & her suitor.   I happily agreed.  Isn't that too cute?

I asked her to tell me about her suitor.  She said his name is John & he lives two states away.  When I mentioned that I had difficulty doing long distance relationships, she said that would be no problem, considering she had enough money to rent an apartment local to John for several months.  My mother is such as bad ass.

I then asked her to describe John.  Once she did, I paused for a moment & asked, "Is Daddie dead?"  Perplexed, she replied "Yeah, I am pretty sure I kissed him good-bye on his death bed.  Why do you ask?"  She had just described Daddie perfectly, except obviously John was alive.

I asked my mom if she would tell my brother about her dating.  She said, "Absolutely not.  He would never understand."  I giggled & said, "There are moments in our lives we  remember forever.  This is one of them for me.  As a parent, you can never tell a child if they are more favored above another.  However, by you sharing your plans with me & not with my brother, you are telling me you like me more."  She did not agree, but instead said, "You won't tell him."  I answered, "Not while you are alive!"

Family Therapy

I have decided to return to family therapy with Baby, my 14-year-old daughter.  It seems we have difficulty communicating & she transfers her anger towards her father to me.  The last time I, BabyDaddie & Baby went to family therapy, the therapist said I did not need to be there, because  I seemed to have a healthier relationship with Baby, then BabyDaddie.  So, the two of them, continued to go to therapy two more times.  However, they soon stopped.

This time, I am focused on my relationship with her, rather than there's.  This has enraged BabyDaddie, because he believes that he should be there, every time Baby goes to therapy.  I disagree, because I know if he does attend he & his problems will take over the meeting & I want to focus on my relationship with her.  Besides, if he wanted to have  more therapy sessions with Baby, he could schedule them himself.

I think the real reason he does not want me to go to therapy with her is because he thinks negative things will be said about him.  I also think he believes that me taking her to therapy may look good in court.  In reality,  I try to avoid saying anything negative about BabyDaddie & I would take her to therapy, even if a court date was not approaching.

Our first therapy session with just us girls is tomorrow at 10:30am.