Wednesday, July 14, 2010

P & Smoking

I had breakfast this morning with P, a co-worker who would like a romantic relationship with me.  I am still very interested in him.  However, I have kept a bit of a distance, considering I do not have any kind of intimacy with smokers.  He knows of my preference & says he could see himself quitting for me.  In my head, I am flattered, but I also believe he should just do it for himself.  He has said that he quit last year for 2 months, without any problem.  My condition is that he quit for at least six months.

Beloved has already placed his bets on whether or not be will actually quit.  He thinks he will, considering we work together & may even be roommates on an out f town industry event.  He says having me around him in such tight quarters is going to drive P nuts, knowing he could actually have sex with me, if he stopped smoking.  I think that's the best part for P.  There is no direct pressure from me, such as nagging, except my presence.

I don't personally have any thoughts about it.  I am perfectly happy with my relationship with P now.  I am certainly not desperate to have sex with him or anyone, for that matter, considering I am in a healthy, sexually vibrant, polyamorous, relationship with Beloved.