Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beloved & M Move Forward

Things seem to be moving in the direction Beloved wanted with M.  They have kept a professional connection during work & now they are going out "as friends", such as shopping, bowling, , dinner & drinks after work.  While I was taking a bath this morning, he mentioned that their relationship is progressing & he is pretty sure it will become sexually romantic.

I am feeling a bit wonky about the situation, as I explained to him.  If Beloved & M become sexual I will be losing something in their relationship.  My thoughts are this.  If they work together at least 30 hours a week, frequently alone, giving them the ability to have sex,  chances are less likely Beloved & I will be having sex with me.  As much as I would like to believe he would be able to have sex more than once a day, he cannot.  After all, he is 52.  In reality, he will be seeing far more of her  in person & sexually then he will me.  That makes me feel wonky.

The only thing I can do, is let things happen as they will & keep communication open.

Sorry for the delay

Wow!  It's been well over a month, since I last wrote.  I apologize for my delay.  Because my chosen industry has very slow & very busy times, I take to work when I can.  During such times, when I am not working, I am sleeping, rather than writing.  So allow me to catch you up on things...