Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Phone Sex Blow Jobs

Without a doubt the favorite thing boys like to do on the phone is get a good blow job. I have done it so many that I actually have a running script in my head. It’s gotten to the point that if you interrupt me, I have to consciously think about where I was, so I do not start up again & duplicate what I have said. Yeah, I know. I am a naughty phone whore. However, this blow job is golden & has gotten well over 500 boys blowing their load all over their receiver. Who would give up such a money making goldmine?


Monogamy in Marriage

"Poor people sleep in the same bed; middle class people sleep in different rooms, rich people sleep in different cities."

An orgasm for a man is simply a way for him to stay healthy. It's a physical release that will sooth his body with endorphins. There is really nothing more to it than that. Have you ever been around a guy who hasn't cum in a while? Talk about a mean son-of-a-bitch! Hold that man down & whack him off. 

I know that most men are not monogamous. I also know that most women change the marriage contact, after they have been with their spouse for a while. When a man agrees to marriage, he is essentially agreeing to what currently exists at the time of the accepted proposal. Yes, he knows that his wife will grow older. However, he believes that the sex drive she currently possesses will continue. When a woman agrees to marriage, whether she knows it or not, she is agreeing to the same thing. Then, after a while, she cuts way back on the sex. However, she expects her partner to continue to remain monogamous. It doesn't happen. Men need sex to be healthy. By denying a partner sex on a regular basis a woman is denying him his health. So, a man will seek out a sex worker to help him maintain his health. What drives me nuts is when a woman finds out that her spouse has been unfaithful & complains that he has broken the marriage vows. In reality, she was the first to break the marriage contract. Go figure!

Women, how do you keep your partner faithful? FUCK HIM! Fuck him up, down, all around, & in every room of your house. Figure out his kinks & use them against him. Shove things up his ass, if he likes that. Do things to him that no one else on the planet will do. Make yourself indispensable!

Sex in Marriage

Often wives make the mistake of believing that sex shouldn't be important in a marriage. Get over it, Honey! Sex is a form of communication. It says you are completely comfortable with your husband, because you are uninhibited. More importantly, it says that you enjoy giving your husband pleasure. If you are not communicating, by not having sex, then you will certainly begin not communicating in other realms of your relationship, such as money, children, & employment. Don't make the mistake in believing sex should not be important to a marriage. It's one of the most important things!

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I absolutely love transgenders. From a pagan viewpoint, they have both male & female spirits. Many people are confused with the qualities of a transgender. A transgender is anyone who crosses the traditional boundaries of a typical person. A bisexual man is considered transgendered, because he is having sex with men.

When most people think of transgenders, they think of transsexuals. While they are part of the equation, there are others. First, a cross dresser is typically a man, who likes to dress in women's clothing. However, he does not want to be a woman. Next, a transvestite is a man who dresses like a woman & wants to be a woman. Then, a preoperative transsexual is a man who wants to be a woman & has taken the steps to become a physical woman. Finally, a post operative transsexual is a man who has already taken the steps to be a physical woman, through surgery.

My favorite variation is a preoperative transsexual. There is nothing more erotic than a chick with a dick. My favorite experience with a transsexual was with a lovely creature who was fucking me in the missionary position, while I was sucking her tits. How delicious!


Strong Woman's Philosophy

No man defines who I am; I will be the person I believe myself to be. I am my own best friend and strongest supporter.

No person defines how I feel, I am not a victim. I will decide how to respond to all situations and every hardship I face.

If you don't treat me well, or with the respect that is due me, I will leave. I am a person worthy of love and dignity.

You will not determine who I am or what I am. I decide those things, and I will stand by my decision.

Being strong is not something to be ashamed of. It is what I am, what I strive to be.

No man, no woman, no person, will make me feel less than what I am. I am capable of great love, great compassion, and great things. No one can take my future away from me.

I need never submit my self-respect to any person. If you feel nothing for me, it doesn't matter. I love myself. That is what is important. Others will follow.

I am a woman to be respected and reckoned with. I will live my life with integrity and with the strength that I know I am capable of. When I waiver, I know I have reserves that will help lift me to the task.

I am a person of value and a person with meaning in this world. My life has worth. No one can take that from me.

I make a difference in this world. I believe that I serve a purpose.

I am here for a pre-determined amount of time. I will do my utmost to fulfill that purpose and I pray that I will do it to the best of my ability. You do not want to be the person to try to stop me from fulfilling that goal.

My life is worth living simply as the person I am. I give this life meaning that no one else can give in the same way that I can. I am here for a reason.

* This is not my work. If you know the author, please send me her information. Thanks!


Dolphins Dancing

Sometime ago, I was in the car talking to a friend, when he made reference to a previous conversation in which we discussed dolphins. I was a bit puzzled, because I didn’t ever remember discussing dolphins with him. When I asked for more details, he replied, “You know when you have sex, you release dolphins?” I replied, “Dolphins? You mean endorphins?!”

Can you say, "What time is it", in Japanese?

When I was in college, I found out my boyfriend cheated on me. To get him back, I snuck into his apartment, with a set of spare keys, & telephoned the time in Japan & left it off the hook for 13 days. The bill was well over $3K! He never asked me about it.

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Teenie Weenie Cock Humiliation

What is is about phone sex & boys who want to discuss how little their penis is? Teenie Weenie Cock Humiliation is one of my favorites calls to do. It's easy to humiliate them, because it's difficult to stop laughing. It's hard to stop laughing not because they DO have small cocks, but because you can hear them on the other side of the line getting all hot & bothered, stroking their little worms furiously, as you tell them how much of a looser they are. It's just damn silly!

Last night a boy from the midwest called & explained he was stuck in a small town, with a strip club within walking distance of his hotel. He was teased by the the strippers because they would not look at his little cock. He NEEDED someone to tell him he was a looser for having such a small appendage. He went into great detail, describing his fully erect 4" knob. That was it; I started laughing immediately.

I wanted to know if he had a bow on his cock, so he did not loose it. I wanted to know if he had a gut, which prevented him from seeing his little friend. I wanted to know if he could find it in the night. I wanted to know if girls laughed at him, when they saw it. I wanted to know if he would take a picture of it, so I could post it on my website.

I wanted to know if he realized I just raped his wallet for $50, as he sat in a dark, lonely, & low buget hotel room, cover in his own cum!? I wanted to know if life could be more fun or easy.

"I drink you in."

When I gave Beloved a big kiss & thanked him for tolerating me, he responded "I don't just tolerate you. I embrace you. I jump in. I immerse myself & I drink you in." I LOVE that. I think I will paint it on my wall.

"You'll get lots of hugs."

Beloved woke up this morning & put on a horrible pee/puke green collared shirt. He mentioned it would be retired soon, because it had a hole in it, in addition to it now being too short. I said, "You should wear it anyway. You'll get lots of hugs, because they'll think you're retarded." He promptly took it off...damn.

Instant Messenger Curiosity

I am fascinated as to why people make the effort to contact a stranger on their instant messenger, just because they popped up on their buddy list. I have had that happen a dozen times, since I opened up my messenger, since my hiatus. They want to know who I am & how I got on their buddy list. I am thinking, “If you do not know, then why are you asking me?” I just find it a bit curious & rude. What they are basically saying, without saying it, is “You are not important enough for me to remember.”

It’s just a matter of time.

I have had a few people ask how I got caught. That’s simple. I did a website for a girl who prostituted herself to an undercover police officer. In the court papers, it says “During the conversation *whore #36* also told me companionship was full service. I asked her if blow-jobs were with a condom & she stated she does not use a condom for that. She states she only uses a condom if she has a cut in her mouth.” That was it. Done deal.

If you are in the industry, as a whore, you are eventually going to get caught, by friends, family or law enforcement. There is no doubt in my mind. It’s just a matter of time. You can do all you wish to try & prevent it, but it will happen. It’s the cost of doing business. You are paid a huge amount for very little, so an inconvenience such as an arrest should not bother you too much, unless you prefer not to be outted to the entire world. Then, you may want to reconsider. Save your money & your dignity for that very fateful day.

What the hell is wrong with you?”

Recently, while visiting my parent’s house, my aunt & uncle, were visiting as well. In one of our conversations, I was explaining the polyamorous philosophy to my uncle, with my aunt in earshot. My uncle began to nod, with a Cheshire cat grin. My aunt, not approving, sat down beside him & protectively said, “Don’t listen to a word she is saying.”

I went on to explain that I believed women were a disservice to their marriage, when they did not have sex with their partners at least every other day, considering men need to ejaculate in order to be healthy.

She became defensive saying, “You just don’t understand. Women’s hormones change, as they get older & sex is not as important.” I actually understood that completely. Frequently, hormones make the body change, such as not lubricating the vaginal wall sufficiently. Can you say bottle lubricants or blow jobs?

At this point, I wanted to know why she was being so defensive, considering the conversation had nothing to do with her personally. Obviously, I had hit a nerve. Her husband was quiet, but attentive on the couch facing me. He would lower his eyes, when my aunt looked at him.

In the end, my aunt diverted the conversation to basketball of all things. In my head I was thinking, “You sat here for at least 2 hours, watching TV, while you had many opportunities to discreetly fuck the brains out of your husband. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Let Go & Roll Away

My mother’s best friend was recently in a motorcycle accident. Her bike was totaled, as were some of her body parts. In relaying her story to me, she said something very interesting. The police officer said that she survived the accident, because she let go of her bike. He said most bikers hold on to their bike even tighter, when they believe they are about to crash. However, you should not. Your chances of surviving the accident are greatly increased, if you let go & roll away.

The Perfect Barbie Doll

When I worked in a professional dungeon, my favorite boys were the ones I could dress up like Barbie dolls. I loved to see their whole persona change, with each glide of a make-up brush. I loved how they could walk better on 6” stilettos than I ever would. I loved how they towered over me, yet still remained graceful. I loved how they adored me for accepting their kinks, without judgment. It’s wonderful to be adored by the perfect Barbie doll.

Cross Dressing Tip: If you want to walk like a girl, with a lower center of gravity, walk heel to toe. That position makes your hips pop out & lead, rather than your shoulders.

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Probation & Cookies

My attorney said he thinks I will be very entertaining for my probation officer. He said that many parole officers are underpaid state employees who have to deal with naughty people, who are disrespectful. Some parolees do not show up to their monthly meetings or are late. I have decided to bring cookies to my parole meetings. Cookies make everyone happy. Yeah cookies!
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You think they will like these cookies?

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