Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally Spoke to Mr. N

I spoke to Mr. N, Baby's 8th grade Assistant Principal, in regard to her cell phone this afternoon.  He said he did not go through Baby's texts & he did not believe that she was participating in any illegal activity.  he said that now we have spoken, he will return the phone to Baby.  There is one more person involved;  the substitute teacher who actually took her phone.  I need to chat with her, before I continue with the thought of taking the school system to court.

M cancels

M cancelled her date with Beloved for Thursday.  Beloved said, "M & I won't be going out.  She cancelled.  Working together and a couple of personal things made her reconsider.  I was getting that vibe from her."

I am relieved.  Although I am hopeful Beloved will have an additional romantic partner, other than me, I would also prefer it would be with someone he does not work with.  In addition, in this particular case, it is a good possibility that I could also be working with both of them in the future.  I just think that whole dynamic could be very wonky.

How to Date a Geriatric

Beloved had to get a pooh sample to submit for his yearly physical.  I had been teasing him all week about how he was going to get the sample.  Once he finally journeyed down that path, he realized the kit came with papers that were to be placed across the toilet, in order to catch the pooh.  However, upon sitting down, he did what comes naturally & began to tinkle; thus allowing the paper to fall into the toilet, before he could make use of it.  He said I should write a manual for his other girlfriend's on "How to Date a Geriatric"!

Cell Phone Drama

I went to Baby's, my 13-year-old daughter, middle school this morning, in order to pick up  her cell phone & talk to the administrators about possibly looking at her text messages on her phone illegally.  Mr. N was not there.  I left a message with the secretary, in hopes of connecting with him later today.

I have spoken & researched the issue a bit.  The only legal precedence I have found for an administrator to go through a student's cell phone, without permission or without a search warrant, is if they believe a crime may have been committed.  My next step is to talk to the administrators face to face & get the story from them, rather than all through Baby.