Monday, April 26, 2010

Dark Odyssey Leather Retreat

Kinky Retreat I am considering registering for:

As a community, Dark Odyssey is a melting pot of diverse identities and interests that welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, and perversions. Each DO event is a wholly unique experience which brings together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, supportive, non-judgmental environment where fantasy becomes reality. These events immerse you in an atmosphere of sexual energy and experimentation that will add excitement and passion to your relationships and create deeper levels of connection between you and your partners.

Leather Retreat is the event that started it all, way back in 1998. With a firm belief that BDSM events should be more than just "tie me up and flog me" weekends, we broke through the BDSM vs Sex barrier and embraced the hard choice not just to allow sexual activities at our events but to encourage it. We opened our arms to the swinger community, the queer community, the spirituality community and more. The result is an event that seamlessly blends people from across the spectrum of the alternative lifestyle community and gives them an experience that many describe as transformative if not simply the best vacation of the year.

LR is held on a 200 acre retreat facility in Northern Maryland. The place started life as a kids' summer camp but now hosts adult events, nudists, music festivals, and even the occasional band camp. Since we aren't competing with the kids for prime time, our event happens the last weekend of June after schools are out, graduation ceremonies are over, and the weather has warmed up. It really is a summer vacation ... a kinky, sexy, unbelievable vacation.

Unlike a big hotel event, the owners of our camp allow us to do just about anything (legal) we want (that's safe, sane and consensual, of course). The camp staff has been around this stuff for years, so no one will blink at anything you do. At camp, we have freedom and privacy. We give up a cushy hotel room in exchange for being able to really live out our fantasies, unencumbered for six straight days!

Leather Retreat is an all inclusive vacation. We feed you three meals a day plus a midnight snack. You'll stay with a bunch of your friends (or make new ones) in one of our 40 cabins, each with real beds, full bathrooms and electricity for all your toys. The big gym in converted into our main dungeon, the barn and pavilion into smaller themed play spaces. There is Sex-O-Rama, the Pamporium, the fire pit and a great pool located right in the center of camp. We even run a fleet of golf cart taxis, mainly because its fun to drive golf carts around, so sign up to drive the topless taxi.

We welcome everyone - straight, bi, queer, genderqueer, and transgendered. We are a truly multi-gendered, multi-sexual community with singles and couples, veterans and newbies, monogamous duos and polyamorous families. We are sex-positive with interests as diverse as BDSM, swinging, Tantra, sacred sexuality, Paganism, crossdressing, and lots of twists on "vanilla" sex. We appreciate that everyone has their own fetishes, kinks, and turn-ons, and we want to make room for them all. We strive to create an open, tolerant, non-judgmental environment with top-notch play spaces, creative amenities, and inspiring events so that people can have a truly immersive experience. Our goal is to build a magical place where you can live out your wildest fantasies and dreams.

Oh and don't worry if this is your first time...We love virgins! We have lots of activities to help you break the ice. On your second day, you'll fall into the routine and by the third, you'll be helping (and checking out) the new arrivals. By the end of the week, you'll have made a ton of new friends and will be planning that big scene you want to do next year.

"fuck her little brains in"

I worked with U, my girl crush, last night.  Because we were delayed in getting started, we lounged in the warm sun on the grass, with my co-workers; many of whom had never met U.  She sat behind me, with her huge breasts against my back, petting me like a lap cat, as I purred with delight.  I introduced her as my girl crush & she joyfully smiled.  In my career field alternative lifestyles are very common.  In addition, I am very open about being poly, bisexual & kinky.  The introduction of a girl crush was nothing unusual for me.

I adore U.  I could easily fall in love with her, particularly if we have sex.  However, as I have explained before, I refuse to do that, considering she will be moving many states away in less than a month.  I am not successful with long term relationships & I do not want to create a situation in which U will fail.  I would rather wait until she returns to my area permanently, before I start a long term romantic relationship with her.  I want to enter into something we can be successful at.

Everyone around me says I am being too logical & I should fuck her little brains in, before she leaves.  She wants that too.  She tells me that although she respects my "little" rules, she also wants to fuck them, along with me.

Baby, BabyDaddie, & Counseling

I just returned from the family counseling session BabyDaddie requested in order to help him & Baby, our 13-year-old daughter, get along better.  BabyDaddie has three main issues in his way.  First, he has no male role model.  His own father has been married more than five times, leaving each marriage, when a teenager entered the picture.  He left BabyDaddie, when he was just 14-years-old.  Next, BabyDaddie has put himself in a unusual situation, based upon his career choices.  He is a teacher, coach, & referee.  He is always in a position of unquestionable authority.  Furthermore, when a young person gets out of line, he simply sends them to someone else, such as a parent or principal.  Finally, he is dealing with a hormonal 12-year-old girl; something he has never been & will never understand.

To make things more difficult, we have different parenting styles.  I believe in guiding my child to be a successful adult, through being supportive of her failures & successes.  He believes in having a much more controlling hand & not allowing her to fail.  Baby seems to react better to my philosophy,  fighting, when he controls.

During the session, the doctor decided that the problem was between Baby & BabyDaddie & asked if I wanted to come to future sessions that I wait out in the lobby.  Baby requested that I did indeed attend in support of her.  Our next session is Tuesday of next week.