Friday, April 23, 2010

BabyDaddie & his $80

BabyDaddie has texted me for the last 2 days, in regard to being late in giving me his $80 a month in a grocery card.  Yes, $80 a month is all he currently pays me & yet he can't even handle that.  BabyDaddie has always been very big on appearances.  He owns two houses, a cleaning franchise, works a full-time job, probably has part-time jobs, as he lives in a studio apartment.  All this was going well, until the recession.  Now he cannot afford to pay me $80 a month, without being late or getting a loan from someone.  This is the way the texts played out:

BabyDaddie:  I am sorry for being so late with gift card.  I will have it for you on Monday.  The month has been hard.  Again, sorry.

BabyDaddie:  Hey, I was thinking.  Does Baby need supplies...etc?  Please let me know if she needs anything.  Thank you.  Have a good evening.  Again, I will get the gift card by Monday.

BabyDaddie:  Is everything okay?  Does she need anything?

Me:  Everything is fine.  You are welcome to get with her to buy some summer clothes. 

BabyDaddie:  Okay what would be a good time for you all?  Again, I am sorry for the late gift card.  I've run into a bit of major financial slump & I'm trying to cover my current bills that I am behind on.   I will get that money to you Monday.  Also, I'm going to give another $80 gift card Monday, borrowed to get this to you earlier for next month.  Again, I am sorry.

Me:  You can chat with her about it in person when you see her on Monday.

BabyDaddie:  Are you okay with the two gift cards on Monday?

Me:  I do not have a choice when it comes to when you are to give me the gift cards.  Right?  So, as soon as they are available is fine.

BabyDaddie:  What would be better for you?  I'm sorry I didn't ask this question.  I just assumes it would be fine since we are meeting this Monday.  I can get it sooner.  I can borrow this portion as well & get to you today.  Again, sorry for the trouble this has caused your family.

Me:  Monday is fine.

BabyDaddie:  Okay.  I will have two for you.  What is the best day for you to get this to make things easier for you?  I will do whatever is possible to make this happen for you guys.  Just let me  know the best day of the month.

Me:  Just pick a day of the month and stick with it.

BabyDaddie:  Okay.  We can do the second Friday of the month.

Me:  Okay

I truly sympathize with him having financial difficulties.  However, by this point, everyone has made some cuts in their spending in order to survive.  Perhaps it's time he sell some property & cut down on expenses.  If he thinks it's bad now, wait until he gets the court notice, asking for a change in custody & child support.

Naughty Motorcycle Key

My motorcycle key had it in for me last night. I was heading home from work, stopping off to get gas. I placed the gas cap, with the key still inside on the ground & pumped gas. When I turned around, I stepped on the gas cap, bending the key inside. Luckily, I had my muti-tool & was able to dislodge it from the gas cap rather easily. So, I thought I could get home, by placing the broken off key in the ignition of the motorcycle & turning it with the multi- tool. However, the key sat lower in the ignition then it did in the gas cap & I was unable to turn it, although I was able to dislodge it from the ignition. I was stuck.

I tried calling & texting Beloved at his work, but he was busy & did not respond. So, I called U, my girl crush, & she accepted the rescue mission. She agreed to pick me up from the gas station & drive me home to retrieve a spare key, returning me to the gas station for me to get my bike. In gratitude, I promised to take her out to dinner.

By the time, we had reached my home, Beloved was also there. The three of us went to a late dinner at a local Italian restaurant. It was yummy to have my two favorite people, sitting on either side of me, while petting me under the table. Beloved told his story about asking M out, while U & I gave him suggestions on how to handle the "office romance". U discussed moving to Florida to get away from her ex-girlfriend. I absorbed their energy & basked in their love for me. We then parted, with Beloved heading back to our home & U driving me back to my bike. Although the evening started off on a rather bad note, it ended wonderfully well.

Creepy Old Man Scores

Beloved finally asked out M yesterday.  As I mentioned to him, it was not a long wait, after he verbalized his intentions to me.  I think he feels more comfortable, once he runs things by me.  The story he tells is M was relating a story she had of a "creepy old man" asking her out.  When he asked if the "creepy old man" thing was for all older suitors, she replied that is was only for that particular man.  He then went for it.  Currently, he has no particular date or plans in mind.  However, knowing Beloved he is thinking about it a lot.

Beloved has a wonderful energy about him, when he is courting another woman.  He is much more passionate towards me.  As he explained over dinner last night, his life has changed in such a positive direction over the last two years;  he would have never been able to love more than one woman at a time & certainly not discuss it so openly.  He is so grateful to me that his love for me is intensified, when he is allowed to love more.