Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Players

I decided to add a "Players" page to my blog, knowing things could get confusing, without one:


U decided to text me, after we had dinner. I had to work & she had to deedle.

Me: You are so yummmy

U: I'm sitting in my car outside of my house...With my fingers stroking my stuff...Thinking about u saying my name as someone else fucks u...

U: I am wet

Me: Gulp

U: Would that u were on my floor...Between my thighs...Showing off

Me: Jeebus

U: I would like to feel ur kisses on my skin...

Me: You are being very naughty, while I work.

U: I would also like to be naughty to u...I would like to press up behind u while I push you against a wall...Kiss the nape of your nape.

U: Whisper things in your ear...And do them to you...

Me: gulp

U: I want to please and be pleased by you...

Me: hmmmmmm

U: I would enjoy gripping ur shoulder with my teeth while I rub myself against you

U: But how would I be able to resist want to kiss your beautiful mouth...

U: I couldn't... I don't. My tongue firms to your softness when I kiss you...I adore how receptive ur mouth is.

U: I was serious when I told u that I think about you cumming with my clit in your mouth...It's the whole concept of u chasing ur own pleasures while giving

U: me mine...

Me: Did you cum?

U: Would you swallow my orgasm...Not yet...Having too much fun texting u. You caught me just as I was starting.

U: Would you push ur tongue inside of me looking for the last drop?

Me: You make me hot.

U: I want to taste that...

Cat & Mouse

I worked & then had dinner with my girl crush two days ago.  U absolutely drives me nuts.  I have never met another woman who had me so twisted around her little finger.  We play this game that we have dubbed "Cat & Mouse".  In our little game, I go after her, through smiles, winks, flirting.  She acts coy & runs.  As she puts it, "like the gingerbread man".  Then, without warning, she turns & does the same thing to me.  We can go on & on all day.  Those around us, particularly Beloved, are amused by it.  With boys, I am direct & honest, without backing down.  With her, I get all mushy & gushy inside.  I back down out of fear; I know what she can do with my soul.

I want to hear her say my name, while her mouth is firmly wedged between my thighs.  I want to devour her, inch by inch.  But, I won't.  Sadly, she is moving far away.  I do not want to make love with her, because I know I will fall madly for her & I am not successful with long distance relationships.  I do not want to be sad knowing that I cannot touch her.  So, I do not go down that path.

She will return to my area regularly, her mother living close to me.  In addition, she will probably move back in two years.  She is moving away is to cleanse her soul of her ex-girlfriend, who cheated on her.  She still craves her, but knowing her ex-girlfriend is bad for her, she runs.

Beloved, along with others, believes I should enjoy her while I can.  He sees the power she has over me & wants to get caught up in the energy exchange between us, believing he will benefit from it too.

I wait.

"This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me."

I work in an industry that is male dominated.  I actually prefer that, because I can get away with just about anything, as long as I am doing my job.  Yesterday, I ran around with jelly bellies ( asking, "Have you been good today?"  If they responded with a yes, I would open my bag.  As their eyes got wide with the yummy surprise, I would say "This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me."  At one point, a disciple yelled across the room, "Your body tastes like cotton candy!"