Monday, April 19, 2010

Juice Fasting

I am on a juice fasting diet.  Yes, I realize it is not a traditional way to lose weight.  In fact,  I am pretty sure my Beloved would kill me, if he found out, considering he is a foodie & always concerned with my health.  However, for me it is the best.  I have found that I am most successful  with an all or nothing attitude, with few choices.  In the past, I have been successful on a water diet.  However, this time I chose a juice diet, because I can still get all of my minerals & nutrients, feeling less tired.  I am too lazy to create my own juice.  So, I prefer to drink Odwalla (

Baby & Grades

Baby, my 13-year-old daughter, got a C on her last report card in Language Arts.  When I emailed her teacher asking how she can improve her grades, she responded with:

Baby currently has a 76% average in class (a C). She is missing her Weekly Reading Log 23 which was due this past Monday. I can give her another copy in class if she lost hers.

Baby is a very intelligent and curious student. She definitiely adds personality and "spunk" to our class and she is a real pleasure. However, I have noticed that she is becoming more and more social with her friends. Of course, this is not a bad thing as long as all of your work gets done and you do not become distracted. Unfortunately, I do think Baby gets caught up in her social life and neglects some of her schoolwork. Instead of going straight to her next class when the bell rings, she will linger in the hallway and talk to her friends. She has even been late to class a few times because she gets distracted. Right now this is not a huge problem, but students who show this type of behavior often get even worse with the increased freedom and additional friends that comes along with high school. We need to remind and encourage her that even though it is nice to socialize with our friends, our main priority is school and making sure we earn the grades we want. She is more than capable of earning straight A's if she puts her mind to it.

Thank you for the additional information about Baby.  In order to get her more interested in completing her reading log, we purchased books that would inspire her read.  Like me, she has a love of non-fiction, such as biographies & true crime.  Sadly, she also has a love of manga.  The deal was one chapter book for one anime.  Therefore, we purchased "The White Queen", by Gregory Phillippa Gregory ( & some hideous manga.  Although "The White Queen" is not a true non-fiction, it seemed to spark her interest.

I am very aware of Baby 's love of socializing.  I battle the same war at home.  I have spoken to her about keeping her fraternizing with her friends at school at a minimum.  Please let me know if it gets further out of hand.

Feast or Famine

Today is a short day for work.  I am only scheduled from 6am-10am,  The rest of the day is mine.  Although I should be proactive & get some things done, including my taxes (now 5 days late), I am going to hop back into bed & take a nap.  In order to be at work on time, I had to get up at 4:15am, with only 6 hours of sleep.  In my industry, it is either feast or famine.  The famine will continue until July, when the summer will be dead.  Until then, my work hours & lack of sleep will be wonky, but my wallet will be happy.

BabyDaddie Text from Last Night

BabyDaddie sent me a series of texts last night, after not seeing Baby for two weeks, saying, "hey, I was just checking to see if everything has been okay for you guys.  I had given Baby some room to vent and cool off.  I hope everything is okay.  Is she okay?  I hope so...please let her know we love her and I shall keep trying to be there for her even when she says she doesn't want me in her life.  Just keep me informed things she may need for support to you in taking care of her.  She is due for physical and we are on for next Mon."

The words sound great, but the actions just don't match.  BabyDaddie has a tendency to hyper focus on Baby for a short period of time, this time he wants us to go to family counseling, as his text referred to "we are on for next Mon."  He then disappears for several weeks or months.  In reality, we prefer that he not be around, because life is so much less chaotic, without him.

The really sad thing is he lives in the same apartment complex we live in.  So, there should be no reason for him to go for long periods of time, without seeing Baby.  In reality, he does it, because life is easier without a 13-year-old girl.

I will do as a responsible parent would do, by responding to his text in a positive manner, saying "We are good & look forward to seeing you next Monday."