Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beloved Moves In

My Beloved of two years & I have decided to move in together at the end of September. Although I had originally requested that for the fall of 2010, due to circumstances in his life, we choose to move the time frame up a year.

I am a bit nervous, because I have not lived with anyone else in six years. However, as we have gone through the process of picking out a new place, as well as discussing finances, I become more & more comfortable. We communicate incredibly well. I think as long as we keep that up, we will be successful.

Our sex lives will probably become more intense & varied, once he moves in, because he will have the ability to stay with me for extended periods of time. We our planning a trip to a local swing club in celebration, as well as becoming more active in the BDSM, pagan, & poly communities. In addition, we recently had a yummy threesome with one of our favorite girl crushes. Once we move in together, we hope to entertain her more, as well as others.