Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Three

As I have mentioned several times, I am polyamourous ( I believe that I have the ability to fall in love with more than one person. I seem to prefer two partners, although currently I am happily involved with only one. The last time I had two partners was in the early summer of last year.

Happily, my Beloved of 19-months has found someone else to love in addition to me. I am very accepting & supported of his new relationship, although I am not involved with her or their romance. I have known her for about a year & long ago said that they would be involved emotionally with each other, long before Beloved agreed.

I have found myself to be very protective of her. I am protective of her, because she is young (in her early 20’s), inexperienced, attractive, kinky (pain slut & into bondage) & poly. In most realms of the universe, she would be a target for lascivious people. I am pleased that my partner can perhaps be a mentor to her, as well as a lover.

I & Beloved are not sure where their romance will go. In reality, their age difference makes them on different life paths. Beloved will not have children or get married. However, as a girl in her early twenties, chances are likely she will want to go down that path. For the time being, I am simply enjoying the new love & energy she is bringing to Beloved’s life & secondarily to me.


It has been just over a year, since my arrest for profiting off an illegal business. In the past year, I have learned many wonderful things that have lead me to love myself more, along with becoming more confident. Less face it, when your mug shot is on the news, you can either be completely accepting of yourself or go into self loathing. I chose to embrace myself, including all of my faults & mistakes. I have become stronger. I know that in that regard, I am incredibly lucky. There are people who live long lives & never fully love themselves. There are people who live long lives & never live a life less than ordinary. I am not one of them.

Cancer Silliness

My mother called me recently & told me that my father is once again in the hospital battling his cancer. However, this time she was pretty sure that if cancer did not kill him that his silliness would.

Apparently, she arrived home to him lying in bed with a thermometer in his hand. When she questioned him on his day’s activities, he replied with “I think the thermometer is broken.” When she asked for more of an explanation, he said the thermometer was broken, because it read 103 degrees. My mother then placed her hand on his head & he was very hot. She said that the thermometer was not broken, because he has cancer & is sick. He cocked his head & said, “Are you sure?” My mother’s reply was “I have been a nurse for 25-years, I am pretty sure I know a broken thermometer from a good one.”