Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bone Marrow Transplant for Daddie

After two biopsies over the last month, it has been determined that my father needs a bone marrow transplant. At this point, I am fairly calm, as is my nature in stressful situations. After all, the transplant could be a complete success & my daddie could outlive me.

His next step is to go to MCV (Medical College of Virginia) to be prepped for the bone marrow transplant. Eventually, I will be tested to see if I am a worthy donor. My mother as spoken of having the transplant actually taking place in Maryland at Johns Hopkins University, because she will be close to family able to save money on hotel bills. The emotional support is a plus too.

My mother is a wreck. If he dies before her, I am sure she will be popping prozac like pezz candies. I have already decided that if he does die, I will ask her to move to Maryland to be with me. That in itself is a scary thought. Because of the stress my grandmother caused my mother, by living with her for sixteen years, I always said I would NEVER allow that in my life. NEVER SAY NEVER.

The big difference is I really like my mother, as we are much the same. In addition, she is young at 58-years-old. She also has a full life, as a baby nurse. I am sure many hospitals would beg her to come & work for them, considering her expertise of over twenty years.

I wonder how I will deal with the death of my daddie. As I have explained before, I believe all relationships are finite. Therefore, I should learn as much as I can from each person in my life, while I have them. That gives me a sense of peace, knowing my daddie has taught me a tremendous amount. However, I wonder what will be my reaction when everything actually happens.