Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Probation Lady: Take II

While working recently, my probation lady called, saying I had missed my probation appointment. When I reminded her that during my first & supposedly last visit she said I did not have to visit her again, because I was on administrative probation, she replied that she was not able to get me into that program. Therefore, I had to visit her again on the following Thursday.

I marched in the following Thursday. She basically explained for paperwork purposes I had to have a pee test every three months, along with stopping by briefly to visit, before leaving. She again pointed to the huge pile of files on her desk & shook her head, saying the state was wasting both of our times.

I really have no problem visiting her at all. In my head, it’s just another chapter in my book. Besides, I think she is kind of cool.

Another Biopsy

My daddie goes in for another biopsy December 26th. It also happens to be his birthday. Hopefully, this time the doctors will get enough of a sample of whatever they need to get a sample of to find out if he needs a bone marrow transplant. My mom has requested that I join her for the festivities. As always, I will be there for both of them.