Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dancing Nekkid!

I am currently dancing & singing nekkid, while listening to Pandora, in my old boyfriend’s closed gaming store "The Gamer's Gambit", as he entertains his mother for Thanksgiving dinner at a local restaurant. I did not want to go with him, because they have somewhat of a cantankerous relationship. Every time I have been with them, there is an underlying hostility, although I am sure they love each other. So, I requested to be left behind.

It took him a bit to get used to the idea, considering I am technically his guest & he thought he was being delinquent in his responsibilities, if I was left alone. He even texted me several times, while he was gone.

However, I am absolutely thrilled to know I am probably the most entertaining & hottest thing this Geek store has ever seen!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. I hope you are dancing nekkid somewhere too!