Thursday, August 28, 2008

Final Sentence

Jeebus, I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday in court. I suppose I got so excited that it was almost over that it slipped my mind. I plead guilty to one count of assignation (scheduling appointments for prostitutes). All of the other counts were dropped. I was sentenced to three years probation, without any jail time.

Potty On

Today I went to my probation intake. A probation intake is when a person is processed for probation. I had one of those surreal moments, when I had to give a pee test for drugs. I took a potty buddy with me, in order to prevent me from puncturing a vial of clean pee that could have been shoved up my twat. (That is something I have wanted to try for years!)

While on the potty, I mentioned that I had always had a difficult time peeing in front of people, even in a full SCUBA diving outfit, in the middle of the ocean. My potty buddy went on to say that she had hoped to go SCUBA diving too, although her first goal was to travel to the Caribbean. You know I just never thought I would have a conversation about Jamaica, while peeing in front of someone!

Cookies & Guns

As promised, I did take cookies to give to the people I met on my journey today. Sadly, they were not allowed into the building. I had to leave them with the security boys at the entrance. They promised to take good care of them, if they were allowed a few samples. When I returned, half the box was gone & the boys were smiling. Yummmy!

"What happened to all of the money they made, charging $300.00 an hour?"

I am puzzled as to why whores will post on message boards, asking for money for health problems or attorney fees. What happened to all of the money they made, charging $300.00 an hour?

I suppose I could have done the same thing. However, my pride got in the way, along with a sense of responsibility. I have always believed that no matter what happens to me in life, I should accept the consequences, without blaming or asking someone else to bail me out.