Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Media Inaccuracies

I am amazed at the inaccuracies the media portrayed in my case. Prior to all of this, I na├»vely believed that the media was correct in most cases. Now I realize it’s all about business. It’s much more interesting to portray a madam with a huge brothel running out of her residence, than a web designer who created a website for a whore, who happened to be stupid enough to accept money for a sex act.

The original whore was arrested in someone else’s apartment. It was never my residence.
I was never on my knees asking for money, while getting ready to perform a blowjob. Nope, I am afraid that honor belongs to someone else. I happened to be at PetSmart when everything happened. Curses, PETSMART!

I was 35, not 23. That was the age of the original whore. Funny story: When the media attention broke the Wednesday after my arrest, a former friend called me to say I had to call 98 Rock. She went on to say they were reporting I lived in Glen Burnie & I was 23 years-old. She insisted that I call them to correct their mistake. I am thinking, “Is this wench a complete idiot? Yeah, I was to divert the media attention to my front door.” Later on that afternoon, they found me anyway. See there, the media is not as dumb as I thought it was!

There were never loud noises coming from the apartment at all hours of the day & night. The original whore had family responsibilities & rarely worked later than 6pm, earlier than 11am or on the weekends. At the time, no other whores used that location.

A resident did not report the website or whore. That’s impossible, considering I never put face pictures on my whore websites. The only way someone could have reported the whore was if the tip was from someone in the industry, such as a client or another whore.

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"There are very few people in life that will run to your help you in times of desperation."

I have learned a very power lesson, awaiting my trial. There are very few people in life that will run to your help you in times of desperation. The ones that do, should be loved, respected, rewarded, & appreciated.

I was a bit surprised at the people who I thought would be more supportive, such as my brother. My brother, E, has been a sad spirit, since his mid-twenties. I am not sure what happened in his life to make him disheartened. I am not sure if he is sad about life in general or me specifically. Whatever the answer, we have not had a heart felt conversation in 10 years, until three weeks after my arrest.

I was a bit puzzled as to why he did not contact me. The police took my personal cell phone, so I had no idea of how to contact him. In addition, because of the nature of our relationship & me being the focus of a bad situation, I thought he should be the one to reach out to me. When three weeks had passed, I contacted my mother & mentioned how disappointed I was in him. I also asked her to have him contact me & if he did not I was no longer interested in him, as a brother.
He promptly called two days later. Sadly, I was not able to talk to him directly, so he left a message. The message was disappointing. In his first sentence, he did not say something like “We have not connected in some time & I would like to make sure you are okay.” He instead said “I heard something bad happened to you.” His final sentence was “If you have any questions, please call.”

Well, I had questions, so I called. He answered & I told him I had two questions. The first one was, “Why did it take you the prompting of our mom to have you call me?” & “Why has it taken you 10 years to have a conversation with me?”

He replied with “I do not want to go into that”. I responded with “I really appreciate you calling. However, you have not been supportive of me in the last 10 years. Therefore there is no need for you to be supportive now. I truly wish you & your family well.” Then, I hung up.

I promptly called my parent’s home to let them know what happened. My father, home recovering from Hodgkin's lymphoma ('s_lymphoma) answered. I relayed him the conversation I had with my brother. I heard him cry for the first time in 35 years. He said that David often made him feel like he blamed my parents for something that has made him sad in his life. He said that when my brother called to ask him about his recovery, he asked the correct questions; however, there was no warmth in his voice.

My father then went on to say that no matter what had taken place in my life, I have always accepted responsibility, without blaming others. My brother seemed to be different in that regard.

Because I have not had an emotional connection with my brother in 10 years, I do not feel any regret over my conversation with him. In fact, I am proud of myself for standing up to him.

Up until two years ago, my parents have always assumed that we were both treating each other poorly. However, when I reached out to him & his family in a very generous manner & he refused me, without explanation, my parents realized he was the one with a sad heart.

My parent’s greatest concern is that when they die, my brother & I will have no connection & therefore the family will disappear. I suppose because I am so young, I cannot see that occurring. Perhaps when I am older, my brother will mean something to me.