Friday, July 4, 2008

My Daddie

As I mentioned in a previous post, the day before my arrest, my daddie was diagnosis with Hodgkin's lymphoma. As you can imagine, my family's focus was rightfully on him, rather than the media coverage of one little whore.

I am currently sitting in my parent's livingroom in Tidewater Area of Virginia. I am happy to report that my daddie is doing incredibly well. He has two more chemotherapy sessions over the next month & he will be done for a bit. He was one of the few who had no ill affects associated with the chemo, which usually includes nausea, tiredness, hair loss, & weight loss. He was actually looking forward to the weight loss!

Commissioner's Office

In my state, once a person is allowed to leave their holding cell, they are transferred to the Commisioner's Office. The Commissioner is the boy or girl who decides if you get bail, go back to jail, or go home to stay out of trouble on your own. When I arrived at the Commissioner's Office, he had no idea what to do with me.

He read my report, which was 26 pages. Most are three. Then, he started talking about drug court. When I asked him what drug court was, he said "It's where we take a look at your drug abuse & attempt to give treatment for all prostitutes." I looked at him & said, "So I will be the only sober person there?" I then went on to say "I am a bit insulted. Although in this country, I am innocent until proven guilty, you have already made a judgement about me. Furthermore, you have already decided that I am a drug abuser." I leaned forward & said "Do I look like a drug abuser?"

He was stunned. Obviously, it never occured to him that he was offensive. I am sure he had the same conversation with thousands of whores, without anyone saying anything in response, except for a nod of the head. He had never met me!

He went back to shaking his head with his eyes lowered. He quickly decided to send me home, without the need for bail. I am sure he did that just to get me out of his office, rather than because of my case!