Thursday, June 5, 2008

Future Plans

Once the trial is over, I hope to profit off of it in a HUGE way. I would like to have many books (book signings, touring, radio shows, and talk shows), adult sex classes, retreats, & a website dedicated to all things erotic. In my perfect world, perhaps I could have my own radio show. However, the trick to all of that is I have to be found not guilty or have the charges dropped against me, because in my state, a criminal cannot profit off of a crime. Either way, I am sure I can come up with something.


I received the discovery of my case early. The discovery is all the information & evidence the prosecution has compiled on the defendant. In it, it says that whore who was originally arrested signed over her Miranda rights & answered all of the cop’s questions, including giving them all the passwords to her websites & schedulers, which of course makes her an administrator.

My instincts were indeed correct when I chose not to speak to her or the cops, after I was arrested, considering they had already been talking to each other. For anyone who is involved in the industry & who is associating with the original whore, under her new name, please be aware of three things 1) she has no loyalty. 2) She is comfortable talking to the cops. 3) She reacts irrationally in stressful situations. That sounds like a ticking time bomb to me. It’s just another reason for me to be grateful for moving on with my life.