Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"make sure she screws herself"

My attorney is puzzled that the originally arrest whore has remained in the industry after her arrest. At this point, we do not know whether or not she is testifying against me in court. In order to make sure she screws herself, if she does, I am in the process of finding a boy who has paid her for sex after her arrest. Obviously, this is a difficult thing to do, considering most boys are married & would not want to go to court to testify that they committed a crime.

My thought is if she does testify against me, my attorney will ask if she is still prostituting herself. More than likely she will answer no. After all, who would want to admit that in court? Then, we would have her client testify that he just saw her & paid for sex. We may be able to have all of testimony dismissed, because she perjured herself.

My attorney knows nothing of my plan. Legally, he cannot ask that someone commit a crime. However, what he doesn’t know will not kill him. On the other hand, she may not even testify against me.