Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dancing Nekkid!

I am currently dancing & singing nekkid, while listening to Pandora, in my old boyfriend’s closed gaming store "The Gamer's Gambit", as he entertains his mother for Thanksgiving dinner at a local restaurant. I did not want to go with him, because they have somewhat of a cantankerous relationship. Every time I have been with them, there is an underlying hostility, although I am sure they love each other. So, I requested to be left behind.

It took him a bit to get used to the idea, considering I am technically his guest & he thought he was being delinquent in his responsibilities, if I was left alone. He even texted me several times, while he was gone.

However, I am absolutely thrilled to know I am probably the most entertaining & hottest thing this Geek store has ever seen!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. I hope you are dancing nekkid somewhere too!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Aren’t I a stinker?

I plan to head to New Jersey for the Thanksgiving holiday. An old boyfriend wants to take me to the Macy’s Parade in New York City.  In addition,  his 20th high school reunion is the day after Thanksgiving. I told him some time ago that I would go, dressed skanky; to make all the boys who made his high school days miserable jealous, as they sadly displayed their morbidly obese wives who no longer give them blow jobs. Aren’t I a stinker?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Biopsy Completed

My mother called a few minutes ago to let me know that my daddie had successfully completely his biopsy. The procedure will let us know whether or not he will need a bone marrow transplant, as a result of being treated for his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with chemotherapy. Sadly, my mother said she would not get the results until December 4th. However, because my mother is a nurse at the same hospital he is being treated, she may have access to his files as early as Tuesday, although she is not positive.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Failing in my Personality

I finally chatted with my mother, when she was sober, about my father’s cancer. She was completely logical & calm, saying that she did not need me to visit, until she knew for sure something was wrong. This is the woman who raised me, not the inebriated one I spoke to the day before. I could tell she was in her no nonsense “nurse” mode. I will go ahead & listen to her advice & sit tight, until she has further news.

I have learned that I do not like being around sick people. They make me feel helpless, because I cannot help them. In my father’s case, I would not stay away, simply for that reason. He is the exception.

I realize that such a notion is a failing in my personality, which is a bit odd, considering I was raised by a nurse. I have an old boyfriend who was chronically sick, with epilepsy, sleep apnea, & other assorted ailments. He was the first sick boy I ever dated. He will also be the last. 

When I was with him, I was always concerned something was going to happen, such as a seizure. I also got am icky feeling in my tummy, when I saw his army of medication of the counter of my bathroom, when he visited overnight.