Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Probation Lady: Take II

While working recently, my probation lady called, saying I had missed my probation appointment. When I reminded her that during my first & supposedly last visit she said I did not have to visit her again, because I was on administrative probation, she replied that she was not able to get me into that program. Therefore, I had to visit her again on the following Thursday.

I marched in the following Thursday. She basically explained for paperwork purposes I had to have a pee test every three months, along with stopping by briefly to visit, before leaving. She again pointed to the huge pile of files on her desk & shook her head, saying the state was wasting both of our times.

I really have no problem visiting her at all. In my head, it’s just another chapter in my book. Besides, I think she is kind of cool.

Another Biopsy

My daddie goes in for another biopsy December 26th. It also happens to be his birthday. Hopefully, this time the doctors will get enough of a sample of whatever they need to get a sample of to find out if he needs a bone marrow transplant. My mom has requested that I join her for the festivities. As always, I will be there for both of them.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

101 Things Every Boy of Color Needs to Know

I recently mentioned that I have been asked to help make a documentary on the sex worker industry by Janks Morten. While interviewing me, another documentary fell into his hands. He is calling it "101 Things Every Boy of Color Needs to Know”.



My father's biopsy was inconclusive. Eventually, he will have to go back under the knife for the doctor's to get a better sample. Although I am relieved to know he does not have to deal with a bone marrow transplant anytime soon, I am sad my parents are left hanging.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dancing Nekkid!

I am currently dancing & singing nekkid, while listening to Pandora, in my old boyfriend’s closed gaming store "The Gamer's Gambit", as he entertains his mother for Thanksgiving dinner at a local restaurant. I did not want to go with him, because they have somewhat of a cantankerous relationship. Every time I have been with them, there is an underlying hostility, although I am sure they love each other. So, I requested to be left behind.

It took him a bit to get used to the idea, considering I am technically his guest & he thought he was being delinquent in his responsibilities, if I was left alone. He even texted me several times, while he was gone.

However, I am absolutely thrilled to know I am probably the most entertaining & hottest thing this Geek store has ever seen!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. I hope you are dancing nekkid somewhere too!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Aren’t I a stinker?

I plan to head to New Jersey for the Thanksgiving holiday. An old boyfriend wants to take me to the Macy’s Parade in New York City.  In addition,  his 20th high school reunion is the day after Thanksgiving. I told him some time ago that I would go, dressed skanky; to make all the boys who made his high school days miserable jealous, as they sadly displayed their morbidly obese wives who no longer give them blow jobs. Aren’t I a stinker?


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Biopsy Completed

My mother called a few minutes ago to let me know that my daddie had successfully completely his biopsy. The procedure will let us know whether or not he will need a bone marrow transplant, as a result of being treated for his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with chemotherapy. Sadly, my mother said she would not get the results until December 4th. However, because my mother is a nurse at the same hospital he is being treated, she may have access to his files as early as Tuesday, although she is not positive.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Failing in my Personality

I finally chatted with my mother, when she was sober, about my father’s cancer. She was completely logical & calm, saying that she did not need me to visit, until she knew for sure something was wrong. This is the woman who raised me, not the inebriated one I spoke to the day before. I could tell she was in her no nonsense “nurse” mode. I will go ahead & listen to her advice & sit tight, until she has further news.

I have learned that I do not like being around sick people. They make me feel helpless, because I cannot help them. In my father’s case, I would not stay away, simply for that reason. He is the exception.

I realize that such a notion is a failing in my personality, which is a bit odd, considering I was raised by a nurse. I have an old boyfriend who was chronically sick, with epilepsy, sleep apnea, & other assorted ailments. He was the first sick boy I ever dated. He will also be the last. 

When I was with him, I was always concerned something was going to happen, such as a seizure. I also got am icky feeling in my tummy, when I saw his army of medication of the counter of my bathroom, when he visited overnight.

Friday, October 31, 2008

You Call It Hallowe'en... We Call It Samhain

Author: Peg Aloi
Posted: October 1st. 1996
Times Viewed: 273,526

Hallowe'en has its origins in the British Isles. While the modern tradition of trick or treat developed in the U. S., it too is based on folk customs brought to this country with Irish immigrants after 1840. Since ancient times in Ireland, Scotland, and England, October 31st has been celebrated as a feast for the dead, and also the day that marks the new year. Mexico observes a Day of the Dead on this day, as do other world cultures. In Scotland, the Gaelic word "Samhain" (pronounced "SAW-win" or "SAW-vane") means literally "summer's end."

This holiday is also known as All Hallows Eve ("hallow" means "sanctify") ; Hallowtide; Hallowmass; Hallows; The Day of the Dead; All Soul's Night; All Saints' Day (both on November 1st) .

For early Europeans, this time of the year marked the beginning of the cold, lean months to come; the flocks were brought in from the fields to live in sheds until spring. Some animals were slaughtered, and the meat preserved to provide food for winter. The last gathering of crops was known as "Harvest Home, " celebrated with fairs and festivals.

In addition to its agriculture significance, the ancient Celts also saw Samhain as a very spiritual time. Because October 31 lies exactly between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, it is theorized that ancient peoples, with their reliance on astrology, thought it was a very potent time for magic and communion with spirits. The "veil between the worlds" of the living and the dead was said to be at its thinnest on this day; so the dead were invited to return to feast with their loved ones; welcomed in from the cold, much as the animals were brought inside. Ancient customs range from placing food out for dead ancestors, to performing rituals for communicating with those who had passed over.

Communion with the dead was thought to be the work of witches and sorcerers, although the common folk thought nothing of it. Because the rise of the Church led to growing suspicion of the pagan ways of country dwellers, Samhain also became associated with witches, black cats ("familiars" or animal friends) , bats (night creatures) , ghosts and other "spooky" things...the stereotype of the old hag riding the broomstick is simply a caricature; fairy tales have exploited this image for centuries.

Divination of the future was also commonly practiced at this magically-potent time; since it was also the Celtic New Year, people focused on their desires for the coming year. Certain traditions, such as bobbing for apples, roasting nuts in the fire, and baking cakes which contained tokens of luck, are actually ancient methods of telling fortunes.

So What About Those Jack-O-Lanterns?

Other old traditions have survived to this day; lanterns carved out of pumpkins and turnips were used to provide light on a night when huge bonfires were lit, and all households let their fires go out so they could be rekindled from this new fire; this was believed to be good luck for all households. The name "Jack-O-Lantern" means "Jack of the Lantern, " and comes from an old Irish tale. Jack was a man who could enter neither heaven nor hell and was condemned to wander through the night with only a candle in a turnip for light. Or so goes the legend...

But such folk names were commonly given to nature spirits, like the "Jack in the Green, " or to plants believed to possess magical properties, like "John O' Dreams, " or "Jack in the Pulpit." Irish fairy lore is full of such references. Since candles placed in hollowed-out pumpkins or turnips (commonly grown for food and abundant at this time of year) would produce flickering flames, especially on cold nights in October, this phenomenon may have led to the association of spirits with the lanterns; and this in turn may have led to the tradition of carving scary faces on them. It is an old legend that candle flames which flicker on Samhain night are being touched by the spirits of dead ancestors, or "ghosts."

Okay, What about the Candy?

"Trick or treat" as it is practiced in the U. S. is a complex custom believed to derive from several Samhain traditions, as well as being unique to this country. Since Irish immigrants were predominantly Catholic, they were more likely to observe All Soul's Day. But Ireland's folk traditions die hard, and the old ways of Samhain were remembered. The old tradition of going door to door asking for donations of money or food for the New Year's feast, was carried over to the U. S. from the British Isles. Hogmanay was celebrated January 1st in rural Scotland, and there are records of a "trick or treat" type of custom; curses would be invoked on those who did not give generously; while those who did give from their hearts were blessed and praised. Hence, the notion of "trick or treat" was born (although this greeting was not commonly used until the 1930's in the U. S.) . The wearing of costumes is an ancient practice; villagers would dress as ghosts, to escort the spirits of the dead to the outskirts of the town, at the end of the night's celebration.

By the 1920's, "trick or treat" became a way of letting off steam for those urban poor living in crowded conditions. Innocent acts of vandalism (soaping windows, etc.) gave way to violent, cruel acts. Organizations like the Boy Scouts tried to organize ways for this holiday to become safe and fun; they started the practice of encouraging "good" children to visit shops and homes asking for treats, so as to prevent criminal acts. These "beggar's nights" became very popular and have evolved to what we know as Hallowe'en today.

What Do Modern Witches Do at Hallowe'en?

It is an important holiday for us. Witches are diverse, and practice a variety of traditions. Many of us use this time to practice forms of divination (such as tarot or runes) . Many Witches also perform rituals to honor the dead; and may invite their deceased loved ones to visit for a time, if they choose. This is not a "seance" in the usual sense of the word; Witches extend an invitation, rather than summoning the dead, and we believe the world of the dead is very close to this one. So on Samhain, and again on Beltane (May 1st) , when the veil between the worlds is thin, we attempt to travel between those worlds. This is done through meditation, visualization, and astral projection. Because Witches acknowledge human existence as part of a cycle of life, death and rebirth, Samhain is a time to reflect on our mortality, and to confront our fears of dying.

Some Witches look on Samhain as a time to prepare for the long, dark months of winter, a time of introspection and drawing inward. They may bid goodbye to the summer with one last celebratory rite. They may have harvest feasts, with vegetables and fruits they have grown, or home-brewed cider or mead. They may give thanks for what they have, projecting for abundance through the winter. Still others may celebrate with costume parties, enjoying treats and good times with friends. There are as many ways of observing Samhain as there are Witches in the world!

Peg Aloi

Bio:: Born 10/23/63, Peg is a freelance writer and artists' model, and a Witch of Celtic/Sicilian heritage. She has taught classes in film, literature, writing, herbalism, and calligraphy, and is also a singer, actress, astrologer and perfumer (gotta love that Libra/Scorpio cusp) . As a performer, she has made music with a number of Pagan artists, including MotherTongue (tm) , Urban Myth, and bard Olvardil Prydwyn. She reviews films for the Boston Phoenix, and is Associate Editor of Obsidian Magazine. She loves single malt scotch, apple orchards, Xena, Jethro Tull, and her three grey kitties, Ziggy, Zeus and Trivia.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whoring & Dating

Recently a member of the escort industry contacted me, wanting to develop a personal relationship with me. As I tell everyone, please go to OKCupid to get started. Most people do & then they fall short of my standards for seeing me in person. However, he took me up on my request & now I am screwed. I know that we had a connection in the industry. I did not know that we are more compatible then I realized. The only problem is he still participates in the industry heavily, whoring whenever the funds allow. 

I really want to remove myself from the industry completely. I believe my arrest was a bitchslap from the universe & my cheek is still healing. He on the other hand, loves whatever the industry has given him. I cannot see him staying away from it.

I have no problem with my partners seeing whores. In fact, I think it’s rather healthy, as long as everyone is honest about it. My problem is I know he is a gossip or at least he was when I chatted with him. He likes whores because they make him feel important for a short period of time. He says that would not be the case. However, I do not know him well enough to judge that. My instinct tells me to just let this one go too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chris Chandler

I spent a lot of time with Chris Chandler recently. You would be a happier person, if you did too!

The Chris Chandler Story

Few musicians can claim "on-the roadisms" the way Chris Chandler can. He is a true veteran of the road, traveling across The United States of Generica for many years. His anthology of road tales transforms into a flock of doves beneath the musical high-wire act.

He has worked with everyone from Allen Ginsberg to Ani DiFranco and Pete Seeger to Mojo Nixon. Utah Phillips says, "Chris Chandler is the best performance poet I have ever seen."

Originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia the son of a Baptist minister, Chris has been on or around the stage his whole life. As a teen-ager he was in the bars and on the road working as a roadie for bands like the Georgia Satellites. He graduated from the North Carolina School of the Performing Arts in 1988. That summer - which was supposed to be a "summer away from college" he hit the road as a street performer to fund his way to audition as a lighting designer in Theaters across America. He actually landed a job on Broadway no-less but turned it down to become a performer in his own right. He has been on the road ever since.

For the first few years he was living in his car and stopping in every town from Bangor to San Ysidro where he opened his guitar case and waxed the manifesto electric sporting a sign that read "Stranded Musician Needs Gas Out of Town." Eventually he hooked up with a group of performers busking in Harvard Square where he joined a commune of other traveling street musicians. These nomadic experiences naturally fed him into the world of activism. Since then he has performed at thousands of festivals, colleges, and bar rooms across the US and Canada.

You can often find him at demonstrations and protests - large and small, across the US and Canada. Recently, he was seen protesting the FTAA in Miami, the G-8 in Calgary and the Iraq war (both of them) in Washington, DC to name a few.

His experience as a street performer and rabble rouser shine through every performance making him a welcome addition to festivals, carnivals, hay rides and riots, or where ever the rabble need to be roused.

This is not performance art - like the clichés of Hollywood would imply. No one pours chocolate on the wings of a sparrow. This is steeped in the centuries of tradition that define theater. At one time in human history bards roamed outside the castle wall carrying tales from village to village. Today, gritty road warriors do the same - outside the castle walls of corporate America. Between the frequencies of Clear Channel, still exists the forgotten art form of storytelling.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Redskins & my Mother

I went to visit my parents over the weekend. As I walked into the house, after not seeing them for two months, my mother shushed me. I was stunned. Not because of the shushing itself, but because of the reason she was shushing me. She was watching a football game! 

I never recall my mother watching any type of sporting event, including my own little league games. However, she now sat before me watching the Redskins game, with an intensity I had never seen before. Apparently, my father was doing something in the basement, so she yelled scores & plays down to him every 60 seconds, as he joyfully listened. I was truly speechless. What the hell happened to my mother?!

Because I was only allowed to make a noise during the commercial, I piped up & asked what happened? She said she needed to learn to bond with my father in a new way after his retirement, so she choose football! My father sat down & explained the ends & outs of the game & apparently had given her an addiction. Although I wanted to ask her more questions, just for the entertainment value, I was unable to. The damn wench shushed me again, as the game return to the television!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"You need to click more than a mouse to be a criminal. You have to click a gun."

I dropped my motorcycle last week. I also happened to be on it, when it went down. Luckily for me, I was going at a very slow, probably less than 5 miles an hour. Although my leg was a bit bruised, along with the road rash, I was able to ride my motorcycle home. A friend mentioned that he received a worse injury, when he went over the handlebars of his bicycle.

I am having a very difficult time of getting a reputation as a badass. My probation officer laughed at me after my sentence, saying “You need to click more than a mouse to be a criminal. You have to click a gun.” I was hoping to get a little notch in my badass belt, by having a little scar from the motorcycle accident. However, it seems that my motorcycle laughed at me too!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

" I obviously stuck out like a neon green condom"

I went to my first & apparently last probation appointment today. The lobby was a cesspool of comedy. People in our society think that the vast majority of people on probation & parole are brown people. However, in my county, everyone is beige. I did not see anyone other than redneck white trash for the first hour of waiting for my probation lady. I obviously stuck out like a neon green condom, considering I had no tattoo on my forehead. Now, mind you, I have wanted to bond with my redneck white trash brethren from time to time. However, this was not what I had in mind.

Once I finally saw the probation lady, she was surprised at the amount of the fine, as well as the length of the sentence. I mentioned I was a media focus. We agreed the sentence was harsher as a result of the attention. In reality, I couldn’t care less, as long as I wasn’t in jail.

After asking me a few questions, such as what I did for a living & who I lived with, she said I needed to turn in some paperwork, I left behind & I would be done. When I asked for clarification on “done”, she responded that I was on administration probation. I do not have to visit on a regular basis, nor do I have to call in, or take drug tests. I have no restrictions on my lifestyle, except I have to notify her, if I move. Oh yeah, I can’t carry a firearm, get high, or beat the shit out of anyone. I guess I will have to cancel that part of my next spa visit!

"That’s one of the few moments in my life I was speechless."

As I was being moved from lock up to the Commissioner’s Office at 2am, the day of my arrest, in February, I was in handcuffs & ankle chains. As we were in the van, the guards transferring us insisted playing “What’s Your Crime?” One by one, they went through the roster of prisoners. (I insisted on being called a guest, since “prisoner” sounds so icky. Funny enough, the boys complied with a grin!)

Once they got to me, one said in a very game show like manner “Ladies & gentleman, what is her crime?” The others piped up, responding “tax evasion, IT theft, ID theft”. I asked “Since I am in these badass restraints, can I come up with a crime equally badass?” The guard responded with “We don’t care what you say, as long as you don’t tell us you killed cop!”

That’s one of the few moments in my life I was speechless.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

“Where were the two of you six months ago, when I was arrested?”

I was on a gig today, when a concerned co-worker left a message asking that I return her call immediately. Once I was on my break, I did. She wanted to make sure I was okay, because someone saw me on the new today. I laughed! I said, “Where were the two of you six months ago, when I was arrested?” The news today was just in reference to my guilty plead last week.

The lazy local news websites just repeated what the original reporter wrote the day after my last court appearance. You would have thought they would have found a more flattering picture, rather than reuse my mug shot!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Final Sentence

Jeebus, I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday in court. I suppose I got so excited that it was almost over that it slipped my mind. I plead guilty to one count of assignation (scheduling appointments for prostitutes). All of the other counts were dropped. I was sentenced to three years probation, without any jail time.

Potty On

Today I went to my probation intake. A probation intake is when a person is processed for probation. I had one of those surreal moments, when I had to give a pee test for drugs. I took a potty buddy with me, in order to prevent me from puncturing a vial of clean pee that could have been shoved up my twat. (That is something I have wanted to try for years!)

While on the potty, I mentioned that I had always had a difficult time peeing in front of people, even in a full SCUBA diving outfit, in the middle of the ocean. My potty buddy went on to say that she had hoped to go SCUBA diving too, although her first goal was to travel to the Caribbean. You know I just never thought I would have a conversation about Jamaica, while peeing in front of someone!

Cookies & Guns

As promised, I did take cookies to give to the people I met on my journey today. Sadly, they were not allowed into the building. I had to leave them with the security boys at the entrance. They promised to take good care of them, if they were allowed a few samples. When I returned, half the box was gone & the boys were smiling. Yummmy!

"What happened to all of the money they made, charging $300.00 an hour?"

I am puzzled as to why whores will post on message boards, asking for money for health problems or attorney fees. What happened to all of the money they made, charging $300.00 an hour?

I suppose I could have done the same thing. However, my pride got in the way, along with a sense of responsibility. I have always believed that no matter what happens to me in life, I should accept the consequences, without blaming or asking someone else to bail me out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Media Inaccuracies

I am amazed at the inaccuracies the media portrayed in my case. Prior to all of this, I naïvely believed that the media was correct in most cases. Now I realize it’s all about business. It’s much more interesting to portray a madam with a huge brothel running out of her residence, than a web designer who created a website for a whore, who happened to be stupid enough to accept money for a sex act.

The original whore was arrested in someone else’s apartment. It was never my residence.
I was never on my knees asking for money, while getting ready to perform a blowjob. Nope, I am afraid that honor belongs to someone else. I happened to be at PetSmart when everything happened. Curses, PETSMART!

I was 35, not 23. That was the age of the original whore. Funny story: When the media attention broke the Wednesday after my arrest, a former friend called me to say I had to call 98 Rock. She went on to say they were reporting I lived in Glen Burnie & I was 23 years-old. She insisted that I call them to correct their mistake. I am thinking, “Is this wench a complete idiot? Yeah, I was to divert the media attention to my front door.” Later on that afternoon, they found me anyway. See there, the media is not as dumb as I thought it was!

There were never loud noises coming from the apartment at all hours of the day & night. The original whore had family responsibilities & rarely worked later than 6pm, earlier than 11am or on the weekends. At the time, no other whores used that location.

A resident did not report the website or whore. That’s impossible, considering I never put face pictures on my whore websites. The only way someone could have reported the whore was if the tip was from someone in the industry, such as a client or another whore.

//www.thirdworldtraveler.com/PageMill_Images/media_monkeys.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

"There are very few people in life that will run to your help you in times of desperation."

I have learned a very power lesson, awaiting my trial. There are very few people in life that will run to your help you in times of desperation. The ones that do, should be loved, respected, rewarded, & appreciated.

I was a bit surprised at the people who I thought would be more supportive, such as my brother. My brother, E, has been a sad spirit, since his mid-twenties. I am not sure what happened in his life to make him disheartened. I am not sure if he is sad about life in general or me specifically. Whatever the answer, we have not had a heart felt conversation in 10 years, until three weeks after my arrest.

I was a bit puzzled as to why he did not contact me. The police took my personal cell phone, so I had no idea of how to contact him. In addition, because of the nature of our relationship & me being the focus of a bad situation, I thought he should be the one to reach out to me. When three weeks had passed, I contacted my mother & mentioned how disappointed I was in him. I also asked her to have him contact me & if he did not I was no longer interested in him, as a brother.
He promptly called two days later. Sadly, I was not able to talk to him directly, so he left a message. The message was disappointing. In his first sentence, he did not say something like “We have not connected in some time & I would like to make sure you are okay.” He instead said “I heard something bad happened to you.” His final sentence was “If you have any questions, please call.”

Well, I had questions, so I called. He answered & I told him I had two questions. The first one was, “Why did it take you the prompting of our mom to have you call me?” & “Why has it taken you 10 years to have a conversation with me?”

He replied with “I do not want to go into that”. I responded with “I really appreciate you calling. However, you have not been supportive of me in the last 10 years. Therefore there is no need for you to be supportive now. I truly wish you & your family well.” Then, I hung up.

I promptly called my parent’s home to let them know what happened. My father, home recovering from Hodgkin's lymphoma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hodgkin's_lymphoma) answered. I relayed him the conversation I had with my brother. I heard him cry for the first time in 35 years. He said that David often made him feel like he blamed my parents for something that has made him sad in his life. He said that when my brother called to ask him about his recovery, he asked the correct questions; however, there was no warmth in his voice.

My father then went on to say that no matter what had taken place in my life, I have always accepted responsibility, without blaming others. My brother seemed to be different in that regard.

Because I have not had an emotional connection with my brother in 10 years, I do not feel any regret over my conversation with him. In fact, I am proud of myself for standing up to him.

Up until two years ago, my parents have always assumed that we were both treating each other poorly. However, when I reached out to him & his family in a very generous manner & he refused me, without explanation, my parents realized he was the one with a sad heart.

My parent’s greatest concern is that when they die, my brother & I will have no connection & therefore the family will disappear. I suppose because I am so young, I cannot see that occurring. Perhaps when I am older, my brother will mean something to me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Court Tomorrow?

Tomorrow I go to court for the final time. No, I am not excited, nor nervous. One of the quirks of my personality is that I have a tendency to remain calm in the craziest of situations. In fact, the arresting detective asked if I had been arrested previously, because I was so calm.

In addition, my court date has been postponed numerous times. It would not surprise me in the slightest if nothing happens tomorrow.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I am incredibly frustrated.  Although my attorney, Barry is brilliant when it comes to the courtroom, he is a twit, when it comes to anything administrative.  Apparently, he double booked my next court appearance which was originally this Friday.  Therefore, he had to reschedule me & I have to wait an additional three weeks to get on with my life.  By then, it will be six months from the time I was arrested to the time I am able to complete the stupidity of the court process.  It feels like it is neverending.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

phone sex operator ~ professional dominatrix ~ whore ~ couples sex instructor ~ web designer ~ writer ~ empowered human being ~ happy spirit

Last night, I was invited out to dinner & drinks, by my dear friend, C.   As I recall, the last time I saw Mr. Brett in person was when he picked me up from jail. It’s amazing how such an event can bond two people in the oddest way.
He commented on how good I looked & how well my spirit seems to be thriving in the face of adversity. As things go, I was a bit sad for the two months after my arrest. However, I came to understand that without the arrest, I would not be able to move on with my life & truly come to terms with every facet of my world. Before, I had to hide one or the other. I was not a whole person to everyone I met, although they thought otherwise.
Now, I am proud to fully disclose to anyone who I am. Interestingly, it seems to endear people more to me. 
~ phone sex operator ~ professional dominatrix ~ whore ~ couples sex instructor ~ web designer ~ stagehand ~ writer ~ empowered human being ~ happy spirit ~

I was also incredibly happy to hear that he is doing well too. When he worked with me, as my personal assistant, he commented on how much he really enjoyed what he did for me & would like to do more, but on a corporate level. I convinced him to start a corporate concierge service, guiding him along the way, as much as I could. I gave him information on web design, marketing, & a general business model. In 8 short months, he is so busy & so good; he had to hire an assistant to do computer related projects! I love when people are successful & I can in some small way enjoy it with them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Several days ago, I went with my boyfriend to I hop. As we approached the host, he said, “Oh you are here with your daughter?” Beloved, being 14-years older than I, just grinned. To the left, the manager of the restaurant overheard the conversation & nervously giggled. Beloved turned towards the manager & said “I guess he is not working for tips.” The manager nodded. The host then said “I meant you are here with your husband”. I replied “He much more fun than that!” From time to time, the host would pass us at our booth, as he was seating others. However, he could not look us in the face.

Today, when my parents visited, in order to pick up my furniture, we decided to return to I hop for lunch, telling everyone in the group the story from the previous day. They giggled with delight, when we found out that the same host & the manager were both there. Apparently, the manager said something to the host after we left, because when he saw Beloved again, he apologized profusely. Loving to make boys squirm, I gave my father a big hug, calling him daddie. I then turned around to Beloved & gave him a big hug, calling him daddie! Both manager & host blushed from ear to ear.

Sex Trade Monitors a Key Figure’s Woes

David Elms, left, with his lawyer George Bird, is now in jail awaiting trial in a case unrelated to TheEroticReview.com.

Published: June 17, 2008

Books have Amazon, and classified advertisements have Craigslist. Prostitutes have The Erotic Review.

In a little-known success story, TheEroticReview.com has come to dominate the country’s prostitution scene, which is increasingly migrating from the street corner to the Internet.

But now the site’s founder, David Elms, is in jail awaiting trial in Los Angeles in a case unrelated to the site, leaving the fate of his influential underground world uncertain. In dozens of conversations and in postings on the Internet in recent weeks, prostitutes have expressed concern that if The Erotic Review goes offline it could hurt business. But in the same breath, many are rejoicing about the potential downfall of Mr. Elms.

One escort agency that was banned from the site has accused Mr. Elms of antitrust violations, suggesting that he abuses his power over the sex trade. Other critics say he accepts, and sometimes demands, sex or money to promote certain women and agencies.

He has denied the accusations.

The Web site, which is still in operation, allows visitors to rank their experiences with prostitutes on a scale of 1 to 10, as well as to leave comments. It gets 500,000 to 1 million unique visitors each month, according to companies that track Web traffic.

“He is the most influential man in the prostitution business in America,” said Jason Itzler, the former head of NY Confidential, an escort ring. Mr. Itzler was released from prison last year after serving 30 months for the attempted promotion of prostitution.

Mr. Elms, 37, was jailed this month on accusations that he failed five drug tests since October, a violation of his probation from a 2006 drug and gun conviction. If he is found to have violated his probation, he could be sentenced to four years in prison.

Mr. Elms usually does not say much publicly about his Web site, asserting that reporters twist his words. But in an interview with MSNBC.com in 2006, Mr. Elms said that he started The Erotic Review in 1999 because he wanted to empower the customers of prostitutes.

“I was getting ripped off,” he said. “There was no way to hold people accountable for their actions.”

The house in Hawthorne, Calif., where Mr. Elms lives is modest, with a well-kept yard. The only unusual signs are a surveillance camera over the porch and the late-model Mercedes sports car parked out front with the vanity license plate “Will She.”

The Erotic Review works like many consumer review sites. Visitors to the site can look for prostitutes by city or area code and find contact information, personal Web sites, physical attributes like height and body type, and numeric rankings.

More broadly, the Internet is changing prostitution. In recent years, thousands of prostitutes have posted their own Web sites, including their pictures and contact information. They are called Net walkers. The Internet, they say, has let them more easily reach clientele, particularly high-paying customers, and vet them.

Robert Weisberg, a professor of criminal law at Stanford, said that prostitution promoted online — even if overtly advertised — might not pique law enforcement interest because the crime usually received little attention.

Jodi Michelle Link, a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney who specializes in sex and vice crimes, said prosecuting Mr. Elms for his connection to The Erotic Review could be difficult for free speech reasons. She also said that the prostitutes who said they had been asked by Mr. Elms for sexual favors would have trouble making a criminal case against him because they could simply choose not to participate on his site.

As The Erotic Review has become more popular, Mr. Elms has attracted criticism. In April, a lawyer for an escort service based in Phoenix, MystiqueUSA, wrote a letter to Mr. Elms threatening him with an antitrust lawsuit for banning the agency and its escorts from the site.

“There is no question that your Erotic Review site clearly meets the legal standard of a unique facility whose use is essential to effectively compete in the upscale escort services market,” the lawyer wrote. The letter accused the Web site of favoring escort agencies that did not want competition.

Officials at MystiqueUSA would not comment. But on the home page of its Web site, it expresses regret over the assertions in the letter and apologizes to Mr. Elms.

Ms. Link, the deputy district attorney, said the criminal charges against Mr. Elms stemmed from a night in 2006 when the police were called to a hotel where they found him with 3.8 grams of cocaine and a loaded semi-automatic weapon. A prostitute was there and said Mr. Elms had forced her to perform oral sex at gunpoint, but there was not enough evidence to press charges on that accusation, Ms. Link said.

Soul Geek

A few weeks ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years. I had decided we were no longer compatible, but we still remain friends. In fact, I was hoping he had checked out some other wenches. He had. I was pleasantly surprised where he began his search. He went to http://www.soulgeek.com/. I have to admit, I love geeks. However, I am not geek enough to have much luck on such a site. I thought you may be!


Moving Sale

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am selling my three bedroom house, I purchased just over a year ago. I LOVE my house. However, I hate house living. Although having a house is the American dream, it certainly was not my dream. My mortgage is bad enough at $2500.00 a month, but the additional cost, energy & time spent in maintenance are simply not worth it to me. So, I will be moving into a studio apartment, costing $850.00 a month, including utilities. The amount I save will be socked away for my retirement. 

I am going to very busy for the next month dealing with going from a large home to a studio apartment. My first job is to have a major moving sale. Not only will I be selling most of the stuff, including the house, I will also be selling my 1972 VW bug. I've gotten great advice about moving sales on the internet (http://www.yardsalequeen.com/yardsale.htm). I am even thinking about talking to my neighbors about joining me, in order to split the costs of advertising.

I also have to coordinate my parents coming to pick up the family antiques that they prefer be returned to their home, rather than be put in storage. That reminds me, I have to put in a reservation for the U-Haul!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nude Female Wrestling

I was contacted today from an old acquaintance who I did nude wrestling with a few years ago. It seems her husband really gets off on it. She wants to go at it again! She says I should have some pent up anger from the arrest. Only in me world!


Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am moving in the near future. I purchased a house in April of 2007 & I absolutely LOVE it. It was built in 1933 & has all of the original hardwood floors. It is beautiful. However, I HATE house living. I hate mowing the lawn, maintaining the the basement, & general up keep. I have had many suggest I move into a condo. However, I want nothing to do with taxes. I also prefer to have people come & fix my stuff, when something goes wrong. Therefore, I am moving back into a one bedroom apartment.

It's funny. When I went to look at some apartments, I felt instantly relieved, as I walked into the models. They were small, organized, & cozy. I knew I was making the correct decision. The change in philosophy would have never been possible, unless I took the time to live in my own house. It's certainly nothing someone can teach you.

If you think having your own home is the American dream, think again. Think about all the time, money & energy you will spend on your house. Think of the taxes. Think of the insurance. Think of the home owner's association. Think about it. Think about it again. As long as I am alive, no matter how much money I make, I seriously doubt I will ever own a home again.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bumping Naughties

When I try to find the source of my sex positive philosophy on life, there is one main source, my mother. She never ceases to amaze & entertain me. On my last trip to my parent’s house, she began to try & motivate me to the guest house. I guess I was not moving fast enough, when she said, “Look, I have not had sex with your father in a week, due to the family reunion. You know how loud I can be. If you would take your act over to the other house, I would be grateful.”

When my father first went to the hospital for his cancer diagnosis, I was very careful to knock on the room door & wait for my mother to say “Come in” or to call in advance, from the parking lot, to let her know I was on my way. My fear was I would open the door too soon & see my parents bumping naughties!

I am sure my father’s quick recovery has to do with his medical treatment. However, I am positive my mother’s naughtiness was a huge help.

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Daddie

As I mentioned in a previous post, the day before my arrest, my daddie was diagnosis with Hodgkin's lymphoma. As you can imagine, my family's focus was rightfully on him, rather than the media coverage of one little whore.

I am currently sitting in my parent's livingroom in Tidewater Area of Virginia. I am happy to report that my daddie is doing incredibly well. He has two more chemotherapy sessions over the next month & he will be done for a bit. He was one of the few who had no ill affects associated with the chemo, which usually includes nausea, tiredness, hair loss, & weight loss. He was actually looking forward to the weight loss!

Commissioner's Office

In my state, once a person is allowed to leave their holding cell, they are transferred to the Commisioner's Office. The Commissioner is the boy or girl who decides if you get bail, go back to jail, or go home to stay out of trouble on your own. When I arrived at the Commissioner's Office, he had no idea what to do with me.

He read my report, which was 26 pages. Most are three. Then, he started talking about drug court. When I asked him what drug court was, he said "It's where we take a look at your drug abuse & attempt to give treatment for all prostitutes." I looked at him & said, "So I will be the only sober person there?" I then went on to say "I am a bit insulted. Although in this country, I am innocent until proven guilty, you have already made a judgement about me. Furthermore, you have already decided that I am a drug abuser." I leaned forward & said "Do I look like a drug abuser?"

He was stunned. Obviously, it never occured to him that he was offensive. I am sure he had the same conversation with thousands of whores, without anyone saying anything in response, except for a nod of the head. He had never met me!

He went back to shaking his head with his eyes lowered. He quickly decided to send me home, without the need for bail. I am sure he did that just to get me out of his office, rather than because of my case!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Favorite Toy

This adult toy is without a doubt the best vibrator on the market. Batteries?! You have got to be kidding. It’s not a real vibrator unless you have to plug it into a wall. This is the only toy I can become addicted to, because it’s the only thing that makes my squirt. Yes! It’s that intense.

Phone Sex

I have taken up phone sex, as an additional income source. I actually did it quite a bit, prior to the arrest. However, as a result of my income going towards my criminal defense attorney, I have taken it up full-time, during the off season for stagehands, which would be July through August & January through February.
I work on four different billing platforms, including NiteFlirt, TalkSugar, PhoneEncounters, & a dispatch service, which uses an 800 number. No, I am not going to tell you where you can find my character. That ruins the fantasy.

In the future, I will be sharing the zany world of phone sex, for example, the man who likes to masturbate with ham sandwiches. No, I never could figure that one out. Maybe he’s Jewish!


The real mastermind!

Did I mention I had a partner in crime? You mean you did not hear about my 7 pound, long-haired Chihuahua who went down with me? Dear God, they had to use handcuffs & ankle restraints on him. The foul mouth little bad ass was cussing up a storm, calling the cops bitches!

Candy Twizzler Noose

I have had a few people ask what happened to the original whore, Aimee Sweet, whose arrest led to me. She immediately signed over her rights & answered all of the cop’s questions. So, they dropped her charges. Yes, that’s right. They dropped her charges. So much for asking for an attorney. The ironic thing is although she thought she was helping herself out, by speaking to the cops, she made herself look really bad.

No, I am not going to give you her new stage name. I have had too many internet cowboys who wanted to “get her back”. Listen folks, she is not worth it. Leave the wench alone.  Furthermore, in the end, I will be the one who makes this whole fiasco the opportunity of a lifetime, while she remains in the exact same place she was, when she prostituted herself.

Funny story: A friend of mine called her up, in order to pay her a visit. She remembered him & was so comfortable she started talking about me. She said I had left her hanging, when she was arrested, specifically because I did not call her after the arrest. I was sitting right next to him, when he was speaking to her & heard the whole thing. We also knew by that time, she was cozy with the cops. It sounds like in reality she was the one who tied the noose around my neck, rather than the reverse. Luckily, it was a candy Twizzler noose that breaks easily & tastes yummy.

Candy Twizzler Noose

I have had a few people ask what happened to the original whore, Aimee Sweet, whose arrest led to me. She immediately signed over her rights & answered all of the cop’s questions. So, they dropped her charges. Yes, that’s right. They dropped her charges. So much for asking for an attorney. The ironic thing is although she thought she was helping herself out, by speaking to the cops, she made herself look really bad.

No, I am not going to give you her new stage name. I have had too many internet cowboys who wanted to “get her back”. Listen folks, she is not worth it. Leave the wench alone.

Furthermore, in the end, I will be the one who makes this whole fiasco the opportunity of a lifetime, while she remains in the exact same place she was, when she prostituted herself.

Funny story: A friend of mine called her up, in order to pay her a visit. She remembered him & was so comfortable she started talking about me. She said I had left her hanging, when she was arrested, specifically because I did not call her after the arrest. I was sitting right next to him, when he was speaking to her & heard the whole thing. We also knew by that time, she was cozy with the cops. It sounds like in reality she was the one who tied the noose around my neck, rather than the reverse. Luckily, it was a candy Twizzler noose that breaks easily & tastes yummy.