Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Not while you are alive!"

My mother has decided to start dating, for the first time, since my daddie died in January.  She called me a week ago & wanted to know if I wanted to "remain a daughter or become a friend".  Never hearing that question before, I pressed her for more information.  She said she had joined e-harmony & was interested in having Beloved & me, go on a double date with her & her suitor.   I happily agreed.  Isn't that too cute?

I asked her to tell me about her suitor.  She said his name is John & he lives two states away.  When I mentioned that I had difficulty doing long distance relationships, she said that would be no problem, considering she had enough money to rent an apartment local to John for several months.  My mother is such as bad ass.

I then asked her to describe John.  Once she did, I paused for a moment & asked, "Is Daddie dead?"  Perplexed, she replied "Yeah, I am pretty sure I kissed him good-bye on his death bed.  Why do you ask?"  She had just described Daddie perfectly, except obviously John was alive.

I asked my mom if she would tell my brother about her dating.  She said, "Absolutely not.  He would never understand."  I giggled & said, "There are moments in our lives we  remember forever.  This is one of them for me.  As a parent, you can never tell a child if they are more favored above another.  However, by you sharing your plans with me & not with my brother, you are telling me you like me more."  She did not agree, but instead said, "You won't tell him."  I answered, "Not while you are alive!"

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