Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bumping Naughties

When I try to find the source of my sex positive philosophy on life, there is one main source, my mother. She never ceases to amaze & entertain me. On my last trip to my parent’s house, she began to try & motivate me to the guest house. I guess I was not moving fast enough, when she said, “Look, I have not had sex with your father in a week, due to the family reunion. You know how loud I can be. If you would take your act over to the other house, I would be grateful.”

When my father first went to the hospital for his cancer diagnosis, I was very careful to knock on the room door & wait for my mother to say “Come in” or to call in advance, from the parking lot, to let her know I was on my way. My fear was I would open the door too soon & see my parents bumping naughties!

I am sure my father’s quick recovery has to do with his medical treatment. However, I am positive my mother’s naughtiness was a huge help.